Mike Utting- GB Sprint CoachMike
Level 3 Performance & Development Coach. {U. K. A.} Level 3 Sprints Coach.
-Level 3 Child Based Sprints, Jumps, Throws & Endurance
-5 years National Coach Development Programme {England Athletics}
-IP.C. G.B. Team Coach-
-2013 Lyon France World Championships
-2014 Swansea Wales European Championships:
-2015 Doha Qatar World Championships
-Coach of Clieo Stephenson and multiple athletes from the Norfolk Region
-My mentor and close friend

” I have been coaching now for twenty five years and I have always been open minded and listened to many National Coaches who have given me some great advice. So when I had the chance to ask Nathan to help me with my athletes, little did I know he would have such a big influence on my coaching, but also on our athletes.

He has a huge desire to succeed, to be the best coach he can be. He also loves knowledge, reads lots, studies loads, his data is excellent, and his analyses of athletes are brilliant.

We now coach many different sports, which include Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Netball & Hockey, besides our own athletes. All sports need speed, all ask to be faster, but the key is acceleration which as sprint coaches we can deliver on.

The Norfolk 100 meters record 10.80 seconds has been around for 20 years, this year (2015) with Nathan’s coaching and Strength & Conditioning Program’s, we produced a 100 meter sprinter – Jack Dearden, who smashed the record with a time of 10.68 seconds and a English Schools 2015 4 x 100 meter relay team who had two of the 4 athletes to take Gold with a Personal Best Time 41.72, second best only to the Great Britain Team.

He has coached with me for 6 full years, has become a master of many complex coaching training plans, for many different sports. He has added an enormous contribution to the coaching of our athletes, he is always utterly reliable, straightforward young man, a warm hearted friend upon whose level headed judgement I can count on.

Nathan’s actual practice of research into training and strength& conditioning programs and sessions are second to none. So I feel so lucky to see Nathan as a friend, but more importantly a great coach with a great future.”

Clieo Stephensen-Sprinter 2011-15
Current u20/U23 GBR Sprinter
-Multiple Norfolk Records  over different age groups
Personal Bests:
-100m-11.9/11.82(W) sec Electronic time,11.7 sec hand timing

-60M- 7.61 seconds

 “I have been doing athletics for nearly 10 years now and when I first started, little did I know one of my elder training partners would play a part in my athletics career in the last 3 years. For me, the most obvious quality that Nathan has as a coach is that he truly enjoys learning and demonstrating his knowledge to athletes and fellow coaches. If you were to ask him a question and he wasn’t sure of the answer, he would have the answer for you by the next training session! During training he focuses fully on every athlete regardless of age, gender or ability.

He pushes and motivates athletes to work 110% but also understands the difference between pushing an athlete and exhausting an athlete. I admire that he concentrates on technique in every movement carried out, making it easier for the correct technique to be carried out when sprinting.

Most importantly, he combines his coaching and sprinting knowledge and ability with crucial Strength and conditioning knowledge. This has evidently taken his athletes to the next level and as Nathan is always developing his coaching and knowledge, it will be exciting to see the next levels both me and his other athletes will reach”.

Jack Dearden-Sprinter and ex footballera4
-Norfolk U20 100m record holder!
Personal Bests:

-Triple Jump-13.26-Indoors
-60M  -6.93 seconds
-100M-10.68 seconds
-200m-21.95 seconds

“I started training with Nathan in September 2013 outdoors, twice a week, at City of Norwich Athletics school on Mondays and at the UEA on Thursdays. He helped me refine my technique by advising me where I am going wrong and what I needed to do to improve. He has shown me how to improve my speed through a variety of speed skills which have improved my acceleration and drive phase.”

“As a coach, Nathan is great, his coaching style is a good mix of seriousness and fun. He explains new drills and techniques by telling and showing me what to do. He breaks these down into small points so I only work on 1 or 2 objectives at a time. He is always enthusiastic about the training sessions and even came to watch us compete at big events. “

Wesley Matsuka-Williams-Sprinter and Jumpera1
Personal Bests:
-Triple Jump -14.27m
-Long Jump -6.54m

“Nathan started coaching me  about a year and a half ago. He really focuses on getting athletes in the higher tier so that they can perform to their full potential. This is why, when coached by him, you will see immediate and drastic improvements in your personal performance.

Before he began coaching me my pb for the 100m was a bare 13.5s, 28.5s for the 200m and 4.42m for the long jump, top year u13. Since being coached by Nate I’ve run and jumped 11.3, 24.4 and 6.54m. That’s a 2.2 second improvement in the 100, a 4.1 second improvement in the 200, a 2.12m improvement in the long jump and I have since jumped 13.73 in the triple jump.

These improvements have been due to his ability to identify my weaknesses and tell me exactly how I should improve them. With his methods of coaching, It’s not only the way that he can eliminate your weaknesses, which makes you a better athlete, but it is also the way he makes training a fun and enjoyable learning process.

He spends a lot of his own time researching in depth, how to help an injury or just any process that could help you excel. Everyone has different bodies and Nathan will take time to examine it and give you specific excises based on your personal weaknesses and body.”

Ben Matsuka-Williams-Sprinter
Personal Bests:
-60m  -7.06 seconds
-100m-10.91 seconds
-200M-21.75 seconds

“Nathan has been coaching me for  years now, and  I have seen a dramatic improvement in my performances at training and competition. Unlike most coaches, he is able to identify individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and creates training programs tailored for individual athletes. He is highly motivated, hard working and a very intelligent individual who strives to bring out the best results in his athletes.”

“He has a healthy attitude to training, and applauds hard work but also encourages humor and fun. I really enjoy working with Nate and I really appreciate all the hard work he has put into coaching myself and our training group. “