In this short article we delve and explore my current beliefs and opinions (they are ever changing over time) on the topic of whether speed is in fact innate(nature) or if it is nurtured. My belief  is that both nature and nurture play an evident role in the development of a great sprinter. There is no denying that some athletes are blessed with genetic gifts which allow them to run, jump and throw, faster, harder and further than the majority of us can. It is clear that some athletes have got a  pre disposition to a specific sport based on their genetics.

However, I wholeheartedly believe that speed can be improved through good, smart, coaching and training. Anyone can get faster. Not everyone can be the fastest athlete on the planet though. Some athletes have a higher starting point due to their genetic card they have been dealt.


Not all are genetics freaks or shouting talent. Some come through late and are hidden talents. These hidden talents may have to compensate by training smarter or harder initially and accept that the whole process may take little longer than their genetically gifted or talented friends.

The issue is not that talent takes people far, or that genes play a large role, it is that most people never work hard enough to reach their genetic potential in the first place. What most of us need to understand is that a guy like Usain bolt is a freak and we cant all get away with training like him, behaving like him or even trying to be like him. Bolt is bolt.

However,  without hard work, the correct training and some great guidance by his coaches, he would not be the exceptional record holder he is today. Talent can only take you so far, you get to a point where everyone is talented, where technical mastery and the correct training play more of a role. That is when being smart and having a great work ethic takes you to that next step. Having a smart and good supporting team (coaches, family & friends) that you can trust helps massively.

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